You can easily tell that SEO is a highly volatile industry. Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving. Failing to remain up-to-date with the Google algorithm can cost a business dearly. This is why SEO experts of a leading SEO company try to keep themselves updated with the changes. Knowing about the changes can help a business to rank well across SERP’s.

Every Business Wants to Rank Well

Whether you are a newbie in business game or you are already an established player, you must be well aware of the fact that websites that rank on the top of search results use high-quality content.

You plan to create your site which is rich with high-quality and valuable content. Still you may not be able to rank well. You might be wondering why. According to a SEO company, if a site if not properly optimized as per search engine requirements will not rank well. Hence, it is crucial for any business as well marketers to know about the requirements and also the changes which have been brought about in the world of SEO.

However, take a look into the hacks of 2016 which boomed well in 2017.

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Tips and Tricks Which Worked in 2016 and Will Work in 2017

Social Content Still Important

Content that comes from social media like Facebook or LinkedIn gains more importance in the SERPs. Many marketers use social media in order to boost SEO sites and they employ any tactics in order to rank high. In fact, social media content gets more indexed on Google. Thus, in terms of SEO strategies web or social media will get blurred.

Videos Still Rule

SEO Company knows very well that videos can keep the audiences engaged. However, using many videos can help to improve the ranking of a page across SERPs.

Mobile Optimization

Smartphones are ruling the world. Users search for available information while on the go. Hence, website should be mobile friendly.

Voice Search Function Is Must

People use voice search as it is more convenient and easy to use. Hence, care should be taken that content is easily searchable through voice search also.

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Craze for Mobile Apps

While mobile website can make the task of search easy, but mobile apps can make the task even fast. In the coming year, mobile apps are bound to overpower desktop and mobile websites.

Content Gathering will become Vital

Customers are always looking for relevant information at one point of time. A SEO Company feels that content can be curated by collecting it from various sources and displaying it at one place.

Local SEO Going To Gain Importance

Local SEO can help Google to know where a business is located and their services. Chances exist of a business coming up in result pages in front of target audience.

In today’s rapidly changing environment, SEO techniques can change within a seconds. Failing to remain aware of it can result in the loss of ranking i.e. a business may lose their first page slot across SERPs and land in third or fourth page. So if any business wants to remain on the top, they should inevitably take the help of reputed a SEO company.