Relevant links for Hatcheries and Endangered Salmon

NY Times Article

Recovery Science Review Panel

Background information and links to their reports.

Redfish Bluefish

Additional background information about the March 31st deadline for NOAA to deliver their findings on ESA status of 8 salmon populations (note this has now been delayed 90 days).

Trout Unlimited petitions

Check under Pacific Salmon for petitions to define the ESU and list just wild populations. Trout Unlimited wrote (and 17 organizations cosponsored) these petitions 2 years ago for 15 stocks although the argument applies to all 27. These petitions are packed with scientific studies. They were accepted for consideration but the deadline for a final decision has come and gone. Trout Unlimited recently signed an agreement with NOAA to make the 12-month finding on those petitions no later than June 30, 2004.

Trout Unlimited report

White paper by Rick Williams, Jim Lichatowich, Matt Powell and Phil Mundy discussing large scale landscape hatchery reform on a conceptual level.