7 Simple SEO Tricks & Tips That Still Bring Improvements in 2017

You can easily tell that SEO is a highly volatile industry. Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving. Failing to remain up-to-date with the Google algorithm can cost a business dearly. This is why SEO experts of a leading SEO company try to keep themselves updated with the changes. Knowing about the changes can help a business to rank well across SERP’s.

Every Business Wants to Rank Well

Whether you are a newbie in business game or you are already an established player, you must be well aware of the fact that websites that rank on the top of search results use high-quality content.

You plan to create your site which is rich with high-quality and valuable content. Still you may not be able to rank well. You might be wondering why. According to a SEO company, if a site if not properly optimized as per search engine requirements will not rank well. Hence, it is crucial for any business as well marketers to know about the requirements and also the changes which have been brought about in the world of SEO.

However, take a look into the hacks of 2016 which boomed well in 2017.

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Tips and Tricks Which Worked in 2016 and Will Work in 2017

Social Content Still Important

Content that comes from social media like Facebook or LinkedIn gains more importance in the SERPs. Many marketers use social media in order to boost SEO sites and they employ any tactics in order to rank high. In fact, social media content gets more indexed on Google. Thus, in terms of SEO strategies web or social media will get blurred.

Videos Still Rule

SEO Company knows very well that videos can keep the audiences engaged. However, using many videos can help to improve the ranking of a page across SERPs.

Mobile Optimization

Smartphones are ruling the world. Users search for available information while on the go. Hence, website should be mobile friendly.

Voice Search Function Is Must

People use voice search as it is more convenient and easy to use. Hence, care should be taken that content is easily searchable through voice search also.

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Craze for Mobile Apps

While mobile website can make the task of search easy, but mobile apps can make the task even fast. In the coming year, mobile apps are bound to overpower desktop and mobile websites.

Content Gathering will become Vital

Customers are always looking for relevant information at one point of time. A SEO Company feels that content can be curated by collecting it from various sources and displaying it at one place.

Local SEO Going To Gain Importance

Local SEO can help Google to know where a business is located and their services. Chances exist of a business coming up in result pages in front of target audience.

In today’s rapidly changing environment, SEO techniques can change within a seconds. Failing to remain aware of it can result in the loss of ranking i.e. a business may lose their first page slot across SERPs and land in third or fourth page. So if any business wants to remain on the top, they should inevitably take the help of reputed a SEO company.

Best Ways to Create an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

When you are running a business, you would definitely want your website to rank well across the search engines. Every business owners want their respective sites to gain the top slots across SERPs. Only when a business gains a top ranking position it can bring growth. However, in order to make this happen, a business needs to implement a strong and effective marketing strategy.

In this modern landscape it has been seen that a big part is being played by digital marketing strategy. Hence, more number of businesses is hiring digital marketing company in order to market about their business and getting in touch with potential customers. However, the main reason behind businesses jumping into the bandwagon of digital marketing or internet marketing is in order to achieve greater goals.

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Using Right Digital Marketing Strategies          

 According to a survey, it has been that almost 47% businesses don’t have a plan or a strategy for their digital marketing. This can prove to be very harmful for a business. Any business that plans to make use of digital marketing efforts needs to have a proper strategy in place. If it’s needed they can document their strategies and keep a track of it so that the objectives can be reached.


How to Create an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

 If you are planning to take the help of a digital marketing company in order to make use of digital marketing strategies in an effective way, you can take a look below:


Starting with Low Cost Digital Marketing

Small businesses can start with cost-effective digital marketing efforts. Depending on the budget, marketing strategy can be arranged. In-depth strategies can be used for digital marketing plan when budget increases.


Assume the Need of Target Audience

 Before promoting a product or services, businesses need to focus on their potential customers. If businesses understand the need of a demographic, it can help a business to tailor the marketing strategy accordingly.


Using Valuable Content

Digital marketing company can ensure that right kind of engaging content is being published. An explicit content can easily spread the message that the business wants to spread to the target audience. It can provide favorable outcome for a business.

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Investing in Blog

An effective digital marketing strategy can be created when business invest in blog post. SEO done on blog posts can help to add value to the marketing strategy. At the same time it can ensure better ranking of the site across search engines. Care should be taken to write blog post in such a way that it answers queries of customers. Blogs should be written for target customers.


Social Media

Digital marketing company can allows businesses to take the help of social media for reaching out to target audience. The platform that target audience mostly used should be focuses. Sharing updates can help to get in touch with the audience.


Evaluating Methods Is Mandatory

Businesses need to evaluate the methods they are implementing for their business. Doing so can help businesses to learn if the strategies are working for their business or not.

Businesses should take the help of a digital marketing company in order to make the marketing efforts effective. With the help of a digital marketer, a business can easily meet their objectives.

Why Is 360 Evaluation The Preferred Evaluation Method

There has been a huge rise in the popularity of 360 evaluation in the recent years. This is because of the popularity and effectiveness of this type of feedback that it is so widely used in every organization. There are several benefits of using this method of feedback within the organization, for all the teams, individual employees and also the executives. The two major components of this method is evaluation and feedback.

The different individuals in an organization, at different levels, require an estimation of their performance from time to time. With the help of this method, you get the best information about your performance and know your strengths and blind spots easily. Here are some of the biggest benefits of 360 evaluation and why the method should be used for all organizations. Go through the points to learn more.

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Improves Communication

One of the biggest benefits of 360 evaluation for an organization is that it improves the performance of the teams. The process is crucial for the enhancing the communication between teams, and therefore improving their performance. This feedback process gives each member a chance to voice their own opinions, where they can say what they feel about their group. This clears the lines of communication and gives them a better opportunity to professionally bond with each other.


Improved Effectiveness of the Teams

Another thing which is also one of the most important benefits of 360 evaluation is that it improves effectiveness. In order to evaluate and give the feedback, there should be understanding between the team members. It is only through clear understanding and effectiveness of the work ethics can the feedback be accurate. This in turn helps to improve the effectiveness of the teams and therefore renders better communication and work ethics.


Boosts Self Awareness360 evaluations

Among the several benefits of 360 degree feedback, one of the best of all is that it boosts self-awareness of the employees. It is one of the best methods for giving feedback, and receiving the same gives an idea about their own performance to the employees. The points in the reports give an idea to the employees about their own work ethics and on what grounds they can improve their performance. The employees become a lot more self-aware, and strive to improve their role in the organization.


Discover Your Strengths

360 degree feedback is one of the best ways in which an individual can discover their strengths and weaknesses. Once an employee knows about their areas of strength, they can strive to further improve upon the same and improve their qualities. Improving upon your strengths can give you one of the best roles in the organization, since your position will be secured. You will know your powers and why the company needs you. This is going to help your work accordingly and will benefit both you and the company in return.


These are some of the benefits of 360 evaluation and why every company should definitely go for it. Make use of the best method for evaluation and feedback and take your work efficiency and effectiveness to new heights of success.

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