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Census of Marine Life Mapping & Visualization Workshop  
October 2008
Location: Duke University
Organizer: Pat Halpin, M&V;
Third FMAP-HMAP synthesis meeting on Trends in Diversity  
October 2-4, 2008
Location: Halifax, NS
Organizer: Heike Lotze, FMAP
World Conference on Marine Biodiversity - FMAP session: ‘Assessing the consequences of large-scale biodiversity change’  
November 2008
Location: Valencia, Spain
Organizer: Carlo Heip and Carlos Duarte MARBEF
URL: http://www.marbef.org/worldconference/
First FMAP-TOPP synthesis meeting on Marine Predator Movements  
November 2008
Location: Monterey, CA
Organizer: Ian Jonsen, FMAP
Data analysis meeting: ‘Changing Oceans’ Synthesis Group  
December 2008
Location: TBA
Organizer: Camilo Mora, FMAP
Estimating Global Species Richness working group meeting (OBIS/FMAP)  
January 2009
Location: Remote (Videoconference)
Organizer: Derek Tittensor, FMAP
CoML Synthesis Workshop - Writers meeting, including SYNDEEP-III  
February 1-5, 2009
Location: Long Beach, CA
Organzer: CoML Secretariat, Kristen Yarincik
Writing meeting: Global hot- and coldspots  
April 2009
Location: Duke University Marine Lab, NC
Organizer: Pat Halpin, M&V;
Writing meeting: Total species richness  
June 2009
Location: White Point, NS
Organizer: Boris Worm, FMAP

The Census of Marine Life is a growing global network of researchers in more than 45 nations engaged in a ten-year initiative to assess and explain the diversity, distribution, and abundance of marine life in oceans--past, present, and future.
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