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Past Principal Investigators
  • Myers, Ransom - in memoriam
  • Julia K. Baum
    Post-Doctoral Fellow
    David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellow
    Department of Biological Sciences,
    Life Sciences Centre
    Dalhousie University
    Halifax, N.S., Canada, B3H 4R2
    ph: (858) 752-0633, fax (858) 822-1267

    Scripps Institution of Oceanography,
    University of California, San Diego
    9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla CA
    California 92093-0202, U.S.A.
    Phone: 858-752-0633
    Email: juliakbaum-replace-gmail.com


    Baum, J.K. et al. Estimating trends in abundance from fishery-dependent data: recent changes in northwest Atlantic pelagic shark populations. In prep.

    Myers, R.A., J.K. Baum, T.D. Shepherd, S.P. Powers, and C.H. Peterson. . 2007. Cascading effects of the loss of apex predatory sharks from a coastal ocean. Science 315:1846-1850.   pdf     Supporting Online Material  Press Material on www.globalshark.ca

    Baum, J.K. 2005. Overexploitation of highly vulnerable species: towards rational management & restoration of sharks. In: Principles of Conservation Biology. 3rd Edition, M.J. Groom, G.K. Meffe, and C.R. Carroll eds, pp.278-280. Sinauer Associates, Inc. Sunderland, Massachusetts.

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