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Past Principal Investigators
  • Myers, Ransom - in memoriam
  • Derek Tittensor
    Department of Biological Sciences
    Dalhousie University
    Halifax, N.S., Canada
    B3H 4R2
    Phone: 902-494-3910
    Email: derekt-replace-mathstat.dal.ca
    Homepage: http://www.mathstat.dal.ca/~derekt
    Postdoctoral fellow

    I am interested in patterns of marine biodiversity and macroecology, and in particular the effects of human impacts such as fishing and limate change on these patterns. I combine theoretical, empirical, and field studies and work on environments including coral reefs, the open ocean, and the deep sea.

    Current projects include quantifying range changes in large pelagic predators, predicting the global distribution of cold-water corals, assessing the impacts of sampling on estimates of endemism, and examining differences in the macroecology of marine and terrestrial environments.

    The Census of Marine Life is a growing global network of researchers in more than 45 nations engaged in a ten-year initiative to assess and explain the diversity, distribution, and abundance of marine life in oceans--past, present, and future.
    Last Updated: 2022-06-19