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Past Principal Investigators
  • Myers, Ransom - in memoriam
  • Veronica Garcia
    Research Assistant
    Department of Biological Sciences
    Dalhousie University
    Halifax, N.S., Canada
    B3H 4R2
    Phone: 902-494-2146
    Email: vgarcia-replace-mathstat.dal.ca
    My work is focused on ecology, conservation and global patterns of diversity of sharks, rays and chimaeras.


    Lucifora, L.O., V.B. García, and A.H. Escalante. 2009. Feeding habits of the sand tiger shark, Carcharias taurus, in the Southwestern Atlantic: diet, hooking location and overlap with fisheries. Animal Conservation. In press.

    Lucifora, L.O., V.B. García, R.C. Menni, A.H. Escalante and ∙ N.M. Hozbor. 2009. Effects of body size, age and maturity stage on diet in a large shark: ecological and applied implications. Ecological Research. 24: 109-118.

    García, V. B., L. O. Lucifora, and R. A. Myers. 2008. The importance of habitat and life- history to extinction risk of sharks, rays and chimaeras. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. 275, 83-89.

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    García, V. B. and M.J. Kittlein. 2005. Diet, habitat use, and relative abundance of Pampas fox (Pseudalopex gymnocercus) in northern Patagonia, Argentina. Mammalian Biology. 70(4): 218-226.

    Lucifora L.O. and V.B. García. 2004. Gastropod predation on egg cases of skates (Chondrichthyes, Rajidae) in the southwestern Atlantic: quantification and life history implications. Marine Biology 145: 917-922.

    Lucifora, L.O.; J.L. Valero and V. B. García. 1999. Length at maturity of the greeneye spurdog shark, Squalus mitsukurii (Elasmobranchii: Squalidae), from the SW Atlantic, with comparisons with other regions. Marine and Freshwater Research 50: 629-632.

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